SDTA Examiners

SDTA Examiners are fully qualified Fellows of the Alliance, with extensive teaching experience and thorough knowledge of every aspect of their genres. They undergo a fully supervised training programme before being approved by the Executive Council and welcomed on to the Board of Examiners for their branch.

The Alliance are justly proud of our Examiners, who play a key role in ensuring that candidates, parents, teachers, schools and colleges feel that the Alliance is committed to the improvement of educational standards and the promotion of artistic opportunity for all, both in the Alliance and in the wider community. 

"Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer"

 Rick Pitino

Ballet & Theatre Branch

Ballroom Branch

Baton & Cheer Branch

  • Amanda Letarte

    Vice PresidentExecutive Council, Office Bearers, SDTA Examiners Ballet & Theatre Branch, SDTA Examiners Baton & Cheer Branch
  • Myra Miller

    SDTA Examiners Baton & Cheer Branch, SDTA Examiners Highland Branch
  • Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance

    Llorraine Steele

    Executive Council, SDTA Examiners Baton & Cheer Branch

Highland Branch