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SDTA Highland Day of Dance 2019

SDTA Highland Day of Dance Form 2019

Classes:                                                                 Lecturers:

2020 Championship Steps for Premier                                        Rosaline Hendry

Highland Dances                                                             Audrey Watt

Scottish National Dances                                                       Lynne Hamilton

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SDTA Scottish National Dances DVD

We are delighted to announce the SDTA Scottish National Dances DVD is now available to purchase!

Dances include: 
1. Scottish Lilt
2. Wilt Though Go to the Barracks, Johnnie?
3. Scotch Measure
4. Highland Laddie
5. Flora MacDonald’s Fancy
6. Blue Bonnets
7. The Earl of Errol
8. The Village Maid
9. A Tribute to JL McKenzie
10. Hebridean Laddie
11. The Dusty Miller

Price: £20
These will be available at our International Premierships this Saturday!
Please contact the office to reserve your copy!