SDTA Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award

The SDTA are delighted to offer their dancers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be entered for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award examination, created by the SDTA in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.

For SDTA Highland dancers, a majestic new dance was choreographed by SDTA examiners Aileen Robertson and Janice Macquarrie. (The script of the dance can be downloaded below)

The SDTA commissioned a charming piece of music to accompany the dance.  This truly inspiring piece was composed by SDTA Member Sabra MacGillivray. The music can be purchased from iTunes here.

A tutorial is also available, taking the viewer through the dance step by step. SDTA Fellows Lauren Meehan and Kerry Meehan have created a comprehensive and user-friendly tutorial, with each step beautifully demonstrated by SDTA Member Laynie Seaton.

Tutorial available here

This award is open for both amateurs and professionals to enter.

Younger and less experienced dancers who wish to enter the Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Award examination can follow the choreography syllabus criteria on page 18 of the Amateur Highland syllabus (edition 2022) and submit their own choreography. Dance Stars candidates may also enter by combining movements together to music.

The SDTA Highland examiners look forward to seeing your Jubilee dances.

* Dancers will have the opportunity to share their work via our social media platforms during the Jubilee celebrations in June.

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